Entry 1: Fairy Tail


Entry 1:Fairy Tail

Monday, 12 October 2015

This is my first post and I would like to write about Japanese animation.  Nowadays, Japanese animation is well-known and  everyone likes it. As for me, I like it very much. My favourite Japanese animation is “Fairy Tail”.

“Fairy Tail” is a story about the adventures of a seventeen-year-old girl, Lucy Heartfilia. The world is populated by wizards and they can participate in different guilds to hone their magical ability and get a job to earn a living. Lucy has been invited by Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard with dragon-like ability to participate in the popular wizard guild in that world, that is “Fairy Tail”.  Then, she meets up with Happy, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster.

The story is very touching as it is also about the friendships among Fairy Tail members. They have a very close relationship and are ready to help each other.  Fairy Tail is a guild full of happiness. I hope my life will full of happiness with my friends like the relationship between Fairy Tail members.

“Fairy Tail will never diminish and it will be in our hearts forever”

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