Love Is Dead

I miss Jim. Dammit, I hate writing about this. He is in my subconscious thoughts and I cannot get him out. I say I want him out of my mind, but do I really mean it?

He is someone who made me believe in love back when I believed in such a feat.

Now He is the person who helped prove to me that love is a myth. No one stays faithful, there are flaws in every relationship, people abandon others over carnage desires, and everyone fights one in a while. If that does not happen then others may find their partner boring, or one love the other more than the other. Marriages do not last in America and the divorce rate is higher than 50%. Kids in middle school have to leave their CHILDREN at daycare while they go to classes. In highschool, the nurses office is handing out free condoms. That;s right kids, even though you cannot legally have sex until you are sixteen, it is okay for the fourteen year olds to have sex too. Take a condom though so you do not end up like Britney sitting in the corner with her pregnancy test. She is planning on getting an abortion next week. We will provide services for that too. You do not have to take care of yourself, the government will do that for you.

Love is dead.

If you can find love in this world and stay married it is a chance at one in a million. People are human and flawed, and can be forgiven. Do not let people take advantage of you. The emotional problem is not worth it.

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