So lately my patience has been short and I tend to get angry easily. Sometimes these feelings run over to Binks and I feel awful when they do. Tonight though I caught myself before I allowed myself to angry with him. We had a little struggle at homework time and felt my blood pressure rising. Instead of letting it reach to the point of yelling I simply walked away. I went to my bedroom shut the door and just started praying for God to calm me down. After a few minutes I went back to Binks where he was clearly still not happy and just hugged him. He started to sob and squeezed right back. See my little guy is not one to show his emotions , he is my “tough it out” kid but when he cracks he cracks hard. I just let him cry and get it all out before asking him what was wrong. After calming down a bit he told me he was “dizzy” (in our terms confused) he didn’t understand why he couldn’t live with daddy. Not going to lie that stung a bit. I just reassured him that daddy loves him very much but his work schedule doesn’t allow for him to take him to school everyday or get him to his practices and games but daddy misses him. He then asked to talk to his daddy and when he talked to him daddy told him the same thing. Finally homework got done and with out a fight. I know this could have taken a different turn but I’m glad I just stepped away to evaluate the situation. With my son being so tough I tend to forget he’s hurting as well and I need to have patience with him especially when he’s acting out. He is my complete blessing in this world and I need to practice patience with this most beautiful God given gift.

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