The higher that I climb, the harder that I fall.

Days have gone by and she still refuses to reply to him. Even when she said she would give up on him, she constantly found herself checking up on him. She only proved to herself the jerk that he was. Yesterday had been a crazy day. On that random night where she met with O, she had met  “L” a girl who was so pretty and had suddenly became a “friend.” L was drunk and heartbroken that night. “A” offered to stay with her but after she met with O she had no doubts on leaving L alone. She didn’t see her again until yesterday. They went out for a swim but before that L had offered A to smoke weed and to take bars. A only accepted to smoke. she had never done it with a stranger. Somehow L reminded her of O. Maybe because they were both with her that night were MAGIC happened between A and O. She felt the need to hangout with L. She knew she was trouble. She was mentally fucked, so being physically fucked, wasn’t going to hurt. Both were in cloud nine. During the high stage, A floated thinking of O on how she really wanted him. All of the sudden she found herself third wheeling. L’s BF had arrived and it was already dark. It was a lonely night for A. She floated alone. Looking at the moon, envying how the moon knew exactly where O was and she didn’t. There she was alone thinking on how someone who was not worth a single piece of fly had her completely wrapped in his finger. Everything reminded her of him.

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