A Fresh Start

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to pursue a career in catering. Whether that was when I wanted to be a chef in the Navy and only feed the good looking sailors as a 6 year old; or wanting to own a five star Michelin restaurant as a 15 year old. the subject has always been catering.

I had decided that Henley College would be the right college for me because mum has always recommended it as it is where her sister Donna studied catering before she unfortunately died of cancer in her mid-thirty’s – I never got to meet her as it was before I was born. she enjoyed the course but when I started in September I really didn’t enjoy it. I started smoking, met ‘friends’ who turned out to be complete utter twats. I cheated on my boyfriend jack and I know that that is not the fault of the college but I just feel that it completely changed me within weeks and I would not of done these things if I had not of started to study at Henley College. Also some of the students found out who my boyfriend was and decided to threaten him if he ever came into Coventry and they sent him death threats and horrible messages over Facebook. One of the lads that I started talking to also sent me photos of his self-harm which obviously at the time I was interested in seeing it and talking about self harm but it was after that I realised that it really wont help with my recovery process.

So I decided that I should look into other possibility’s while I still had the chance. It was my sister who suggested me being a primary school teacher. I have always enjoyed working with kids – but it was only then I realised that I actually may want to pursue it as a career. Jack obviously wanted me to move me away from Henley as they were a bad influence on me so he helped me look into other options. My main option was Warwickshire College in Leamington as that is the college that he and my two friends from school – Millie and Maggie are both currently attending. We researched the different courses and I called the school to find out if I could get an appointment with a careers advisor.


The appointment was booked for Tuesday 13th October 2015 at 10:30am; which is the first day of my fresh start – it also happens to be today. Surprisingly my dad offered to come up from Cornwall so that he could be with me for this meeting as he was very interested in finding out what was going on. 

So this morning at 9am, my dad picked me up from my house and drove me to Warwickshire College where we were early for the interview as we wanted to get a drink from the canteen and discuss it first. The meeting was successful and Sunny was very helpful in finding the right course for what I want to do. He then sent us upstairs to talk to one of the ladies in charge of Health and Social Care who gave me enrolment forms etc for me to fill in while I waited for a tutor to talk to us about the course who then took me straight inside to a class and I did a half day of college studying Level 3 BTEC Children’s Play, Learning and Development which I enjoyed and then enrolled at half 4 and now I am a student at Warwickshire College studying childcare.

I am really proud of myself today as I feel that I have challenged my self by setting goals and then achieving them and I hope one day I can inspire other people to not be afraid of change and if you want to do something – the only thing stopping you is you. Nothing is impossible when it comes to challenging your dreams.

Along with my educational fresh start, I am trying to start a healthier diet, keep things tidy and organised, keep up to date with all work and also I intend to do more exercise whether it is on the app 30 Day Ab Challenge, or by walking, running and/or cycling – all of which I enjoy.

-Daisy xo

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