Church Love!!!

Ever since my husband and I have moved closer to his family, we have been able to get even more involved with Church; I’m so happy and thankful for this. It has really allowed me to get involved with something that is bigger than myself and my little corner of the world. I guess it helps that his dad is the Pastor and his mom is the First Lady of the Church, but it’s all relative LOL!!! His parents aren’t the typical “Bible Thumpers” they are real, gthey are totally down to earth, & they are truly on our team. His dad reminds me A LOT of my daddy in so many ways; which I find a bit creepy, but completely comforting LOL!!! Anyways, I have been revved up my own Bible Studies and Pray time & I definitely plan on continuing that. I will be making more posts about my random thoughts, studies, & other life stuff in the future

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