Me too

I can’t begin to describe how emotionally confused I am with my relationship with my husband. I’m 19 and married for almost 2 years and have 1 child age 1 1/2 I want to be with my husband I want to hug him kiss him be shown off by his friends like jake used to do. He’d show people me saying I was his gf and he got compliments about me. Alex won’t even compliment me in private let alone publicly telling people about us. I asked if I could hang with him and his friend who’s a girl and he’s saying why do I have to be so clingy? Actually no I’m not I’m testing you, if you would have said I don’t mind if you come or not. But no you make up excuses to why I can’t come. You think you are so smart and slick but I test you more than you know. Tomorrow he’s going to hang with his friends with that girl and I’m dropping Caleb off at his aunts for the night. My plans? Hang with jacob. He’s really nice and always says I’m cute and wants to see me and stuff it’s hard to read a person online but once I see him I’ll be able to tell what he really wants with me. A relationship? Fwb? Friends? Idk I’ll find out hopefully tomorow I can see him. I’d love to do fun things with him like go for walks and have a fire and talk and kick back. I’m not the kind of girl that expects affection I like to talk lately and it keeps my mind off of wanting something or doing something stupid. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could sleep over his house tomorrow? I’d kind of would really like that. I can’t wait to see him and see what he thinks and says and how he acts I just hope he’s not a scumbag

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