My diary for Tuesday

Tuesday but it feels like Thursday. I haven’t really done anything this week Monday and today. Just work and home. I did nothing yesterday after work. Just rolling around on my bed for little bit, later dinner and TV then had a trouble going sleep… Fortunately, I didn’t really feel tired at all today at work cause I was fully focused on the project all day.

I decided to build a plug-in for myself for this site since the one I paid is not really working out. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get it done or not but I will try. It makes more sense more me to have control for the main functionally of the site. I can also make it more flexible that way since I want to make this more user friendly.

11:22 PM now in Chicago. The weather is getting chilly everyday. Winter is really coming. Hopefully, this winter will be different. Just expecting something new I guess 🙂

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