Entry 3 : SMK MANTIN(Infamous School

I’m from SMK MANTIN. This school is located at Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Of course only a few of you know the existence of this district. My school is also an infamous school.

SMK MANTIN is not a cluster school like High School Muar or KGV High school. It is also not a boarding school likes SBP or MRSM. It is just a simple school where students must attend to get information and knowledges.

After I entered KMM, I had low self-esteem. I was afraid because I was not good enough compared with the students from those schools. Every day, I try harder to match with them. To be better than them.

Finally, I realise something. It doesnt matter where you came from. What matter is how much efforts u put in. Even if you came from unknown schools, u will still succeed if you really try hard.

Credit to Gan Xhi Yan and Izzat

2 thoughts on “Entry 3 : SMK MANTIN(Infamous School”

  1. Hi there. I’m Adiba and from Negeri Sembilan too.I went to SMK DMS in Nilai (Nilai Old Town) but my house at Batang Benar and your school not far from my home..
    Actually i do have a low confidence as I came from so-called ‘sekolah kampung’ haha.. but i also realize in here,KMM,
    eventhough we came from unknown school but if you put your effort in studies and have a faith in God.. in shaa allah you will success.. ☺

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