Wrong! Wrong! Everything is all Wrong!

Normally I’m fine.. Today I’m sad woke up okay, but slowly hour after hour I’ve growing worse and worse….. I’m literally crying for what? I’m tired of all the negativity my family brings on me and idk if they get having to tell me to clean WHEN I’m am cleaning is just making it worse they are honestly the biggest hypocrites I just want out like yesterday! But I can’t so I just cry.. I want a hug makes me think all the bad that has happened this year and it all overwhelms me again 😞 wtf… I want to leave go somewhere idk where but I just wanna go – fml!!!!I dont like my family alot of the time (only certain people) but then they wonder why I dnt ask them how they are or why I’m never around.. Well why deal with such horrid people – I’m crying again.. Its hard not to let it get to me so damn hard! I just want that love and warmth from my love again but I dnt even have that anymore seriously FML everything is just wrong I can’t do anything right! I try and think I move forward but apparently its wrong all wrong! Again fuck everyone!!!!! 😢

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