Its going to be a beautiful day…I was so hoping for a somewhat relaxing kind of day. But A is getting here of course. No rest for the wicked, eh?

So I think…L is about to leave and go get her nails done. Hopefully he will go to sleep, shower for me, start a load of laundry. We should finish about the same time. I’ll dress and dry them maybe pick up the room and clean the bathroom and head out.

I’m freezing again…so right now, I’m under my blanket  with my jacket on. Trying not to think.

Its mornings like this, id love to snuggle up close to someone. Ok ..enough of all that. We are going to have a good day! Daddy o makes me smile…my boys are my heart. I’m blessed in sooo many ways. Maybe just a 15 minute nap?


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