another day

we headed to the store! Everyone was so in love with Emilia as usual “what a happy baby!!” Lol yah yah I know already! She’s cute lol I got two more plastic trick or treat pumpkins! A green for roger and purple for Mila.. I have to get a new pink one for natty apparently hers I broken 😞 figures! Natalie brought it up and as usual I try to change subjects… She said that is daddy bot going to be here for Halloween.. 💔💔💔 nope he wont be… God only knows he might not be ready for thanksgiving or Christmas nothing 😞 idk if hes looking vigorously or if hes kicking his feet looking like he was before… Idk maybe ill feel better if I dont speak to him I dnt know?!!?! I just hate seeing the kids miss him because they are broken up about it.. 😞 ugh secretly i miss him and like a movie I replay all the great memories we made together then the screen kind of goes blank in present day… I want our old crazy I want you all the time type of love… Maybe I will have dinner at Chris’s but then again he’d read into that 😞 ill pass 👋

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