Day 1 – Mark III / Take Advantage Of What The Day Gives You

Today is like any other day for me at the moment, I’m unemployed. I wake up early to apply for jobs online, have breakfast, go for a run and then start getting ready for my day. Today will probably be a particularly boring day, and that’s okay. I’m going into the city to help Hazel by cologne for her boyfriend-not-boyfriend, James, because it’s his birthday this coming Monday.

Something I forgot to mention is that my boyfriend is in the military, so when I said I lived with my boyfriend and his family, the reality is that I actually live in his room at his parents house because of obvious reasons if you’ve read any of my other journal posts. He’s in basic training at the moment which lasts 3 months and he’s about halfway through now and I’m so proud of him. So Friday’s are one of my favourite days because he gets an hour to talk on the phone instead of 30 minutes, which seems like a lot but after seeing each other everyday for 3 years – it’s nowhere near enough.

I suppose I’ll be spending the night by myself tonight because it doesn’t seem like any of my friends are doing anything, James comes back today (because he’s in the military as well) and Hazel will be hanging out with him and Finn and Carrie are dating, so they’ll be all love bundled tonight. I miss the simplicity of being in a relationship, I’ve found this whole long distance thing quite easy and even not talking every night doesn’t bother me, but when I’m feeling lonely and when I was sad back when he lived here – I always had someone to hang out with.

It’s time to do my makeup and look presentable and hopefully snag up a job while I’m out, I’m getting really sick of all this time and no money to spend it with.

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