DAY TWO: Spiracles

“And love is just an institution based on human frailty…”

Holy Shit – Father John Misty

I’m bouncing down the four tracks for Screen Rebels. After all these years I’m still not a confident mixer, but I think I’m pleased with the results tonight. We shall see. The music is either going to go down well, or be completely wide of the mark. Or somewhere in between. We shall see. Or hear. Yeah, just hear. 

Most of my thoughts are music-fronted today. Hoping to get hold of tickets for Father John Misty – see link above. Also bought tickets for Ludovico Einaudi. He will doubtless be shared at some point also. MM will be coming too. Tickets are a gift. Another one. She had a tough day. Teaching seems hard, I wonder how I would get on. It sounds bureaucratic for her at the moment – Ofsted or such. She called me and told me about it. I don’t know if I’m a good listener. I certainly never have any good advice. Perhaps no one does. Advice is filtered through our own experiences/personalities, so is it ever really objective? Or relevant? Or well received? Circles here.

Relatively few moments of anxiety/panic today. But must sleep better. And exercise. Existentialism. That’s a hole I’d like to dig further down. 

Spiracles: a breathing hole; an opening by which a confined space has communication with the outer air; air hole.


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