Depression and heart failure

Today I decided that I would do something in a quest for some self help and direction. How am i supposed to act, what should I, should I not say, when my beloved lemonade of a husbands moods become sharp and sour with impatience.

I ended up googling it. How to deal with heart failure and depression. And incredibly, lots of information came up. Good advice. What to say, what not to say.

Suggestions and practical guides, for long term, consistent approaches that I can turn to again and again.

To-day I remembered the introduction to original series of Startrek. You know, the one that talks about being bold, and stepping into strange, new worlds.

Heart failure and the depression that so often accompanies it is our strange, new world. Not one that we would have chosen; but somehow we find ourselves whirling into this strange new world. At the moment it seems to have no gravity. Life is very different here in this new world where nothing it seems, will be the same. To deal with it I need to explore it; to seek out new life that is there for us both; to boldly go because the only way is forward.


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