Imagine living in a 2 bedroom house that has 4 people living there. Being almost 17 and having to share a room with your mom. And sister. While your brother gets his own bedroom. I’m not a complainer, I get life can be a lot harder than this, trust me I’ve been there. But it’s just the matter of no privacy, and never getting to go anywhere. I’m in a online public school, which I absolutely love because I only have maybe 3.5 credits to go until I graduate and I’m only a Junior. And then I can go to college, out of state. And have my freedom, and finally express myself, and fall in love (if it exists.)

It’s been a good day so far, well good on my terms. My dad stopped by for a little bit. I get to sit in my bedroom alone, listening to music and watching One Tree Hill while I work on schooling.


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