(entry 1)-I DON’T LIKE THEM

Prawns. Everyone likes to eat prawns.To them,prawns are the most delicious food in the world.But not to me.I don’t know why I do not like to eat prawns.I always try to eat them,but I can’t.My mother cooks them in various dishes.My family members always say to me,’Why don’t you eat the prawns?They are very delicious.You have to try them out”.The smell is very tempting but I still don’t feel like eating them.

Just like crabs,I hate them very much.Even how delicious they are,I still can’t eat them.I just like them in the form of nuggets.It is weird right?I hate the fresh ones but I like the nuggets.Well,it’s me..

Read by:
Harisa Binti Shahridzo
Atikah Khadijah Binti Rosman

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