Lost in Love

Am I really in love or just in love with love? 

In the moment I feel so certain,

looking back I’m not so sure.

I guess that’s my answer.

The desire to be in love clouds my judgement.

I lose sight of the person

I lose sight of myself

Grasping on to the possibility of a genuine companionship.

Rather than living in the moment,

I live for the future.

Rather than enjoying the moment,

I worry about titles.

I guess it wasn’t love…

He was just someone who entered your life at the right time.

He knew what to say.

And you, being in a dark place,

thirsty for validation

hungry for commitment,

Dove into the deep end.

You expected not only to tread waters, but to swim.

Being so blinded by desire, you convinced yourself that you did.

You did swim, but after a while you became complacent.

It was only after your blindfold was violently ripped off that you even realized

You. Were. Drowning.

You passed out in the water.

You couldn’t tell because you were dreaming.

And then it turned into a nightmare.

Finally, you woke up and realized it wasn’t real.

None of it was.

Not that it didn’t happen…

It just shouldn’t have.

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