#LoveMe Challenge Day Sixteen

Something You like about yourself

I like the fact that I have been raised in a large family. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I share being the middle child – number 5 of 8. My Dad was the sole income earner for our family and Mum kept everything together at home. They would give up their own dinner if we were still hungry. We never went without anything but we never got everything we wanted either. The little things in life were pretty exciting. When you grow up in a busy house like that you tend to learn pretty early on to do things for yourself. You will get yourself places, make your own lunches, keep your things tidy, help with jobs, wash and iron your clothes. You learn to help others and that sometimes things get done easier and quicker if you work together. You have to share a bedroom and you make alliances – like not to tell anyone about the secret code to the lolly vault hidden in the wardrobe and that if you drop $2 in your sisters ash tray she will drive you over town so it doesn’t take you an hour to walk. I like to think I’m pretty easy-going and would help someone out if they needed it. I’ve been known to drive to the supermarket to pick up cooking ingredients for my friend because she has already had a shower, is in her jammies and shut her front gate. A legitimate excuse to be calling me at 7pm asking if I can help her immediately proceeded by telling me how much she loves me of course! Full delivery is all in the service. I like that it just feels right to take care of the people I love because they mean alot to me.

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