ENTRY NO-1My favourite game

 Everyone has their own passions.They would like in talents,arts and others.By the way,i would like to talk my favourite game.

Takraw,is the old game that was played a few hundreds years ago.It was originated from Malacca.It was played by the ruler of malacca,in 15th century.The game also have been played by many countries.This game is similar like football,that the player can use all part of body,except hands to gain marks.But the major difference is the quantity of player of a team.A team in a game must have three players.They have their own role in the game.I have started to get involved in this game since in form 3.On that time,i was accidentally turn to 801 of ARENA ,a sport channel.On that time,a game between Malaysia and Thailand on show.I impress on the acrobatic style that the player did.So,i decided to try this game.Now,i am  four years in this game and in feeder position.Last August,i was choosen in takraw squad in KAKOM carnival in matriculation progamme.As the result,my team won in third place.I statisfied with that.I hope i can be in Malaysia takarw squad to fight for my beloved country.

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1-Amar Afifi


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