I have just started my 2nd yr of college a couple of months ago. in the first yr i was not the type of person who would mix up with others and make friends. in short i was shy .at that time there was a guy he was my senior but i never had interaction with him.our talk was just limited to greetings.

as the 2nd yr started i started getting social and made friends .also i became friends with THAT guy .frankly speaking i am attracted to him i want to spend every second with him.but unfortunately when i came in 2nd yr he had already graduated meaning i wont be able to see him anymore….

should i say it was luck but he got his internship at the same department that i go to.we became even more closer but not more than friends.i knew he would leave as soon as the internship ends which is in january of next yr.i was careful .i regret being shy in my 1st yr and not interacting with him or anybody..

so as for now i just try not to be very obvious of my liking towards him.but its hard. i dont even know what he thinks about me .i just wish i could have met him in my 1st yr may be things would have been different and i would not have been thinking all the time about forgetting him…


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