unspoken thoughts

“Actions speak louder than words” clearly my dad doesnt understands that , since I was a little kid it has always been the same, the same story, same excuses and Im really tired of it. I always try to be comprehensive with him but every time I ask him for something he puts up with an excuse and then when hes around family he acts like he gives me everything and like hes the best dad in the world. A few weeks ago I told him how I felt and what I needed yet he turned the story to be about him, its like he wants to get sympathy from me and wants me to act like hes the best, I feel fucking frustrated not just with him, with everything. All my life Ive been trying to keep things just to myself, people say I have trust issues like yes maybe… but I dont talk about how I feel in order to not hurt people and now Im tired of it that its funny yet tragic. okay now back to my dad… If he thinks the ‘i love yous” will make me like him more then hes completely wrong.

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  1. ” I dont talk about how I feel in order to not hurt people”
    i did that , for a very long time , and in it’s true not saying things means ot hurting others but you hurt your self so much

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