1 from the vaults 19th november 346pm monday


after playing telephone tag all day, but with very good results, i beeped Dave doyle (a really sweet, helpful man) and when he called back , i told him what was going o and read him the letter.to my delight, he reacted like a knight who’s patroness’ honour had been challenged. a couple phone calls later (to Arma the delightful receptionist) (Note- you’ll be hearing more about her later. she USED to work for my mom and left because my mom is a catastophic asshat. i was absolutely delighted to find out she was now the receptionist to my knee surgeon because SHE knew precisely what i was dealing with karen wise and helped me get around her obstructionist batshit behavior on several occasions) and Debbie (Colosimo’s secretary also delightful) (Note- i guess that was my word of the day. for those of you old enough to recall the show Peewee’s playhouse? feel free to shriek every time you read it and confuse the hell out of people. how delightful! aiiiiiiiii!) got me the information i needed to fill out the intake forms for the pain specialist.  Debbie also rose to the challenge of helping a friend very much in need and agreed to fill out the info and have it ready for Dave to fill out the damnable questioniare tomorrow morning before the knee clinic!

now i’m waiting for the damn lawyer (sorry Steve o., but you will run roughshod over people and make things difficult when a little charm and my help was all you needed to get the info) to call so i can give him the news. tada!

my knees? excrutiatingly painful. a solid 8.9!


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