Been a long time.

I haven’t written anything today. Time is 9:36 pm, October 16 Friday. I was watching one tree hill. I’m an addict. A drama addict. I need drama in my life, it’s like a drug or more like air. It’s a necessity, a reason for me to feel alive.

I wanted to talk to Mobin about how I feel. I wanted to say to him that I’m afraid that he’ll lose interest in me because I’m not interesting, intelligent or creative enough to live up to his standards. He asked me a question today and I wasn’t able to think out of the box. All I could say was cheesy stuff. I feel so dumb sometimes, stupid enough to not find my passion or what I’m good at. I can’t shake this feeling. It’s stuck in my head like a leech. Just don’t want to feel like I’m ordinary, just another random dumb person. Want to be unique.

Mobin said he’d call me. Waiting for his call. Will write about it later if he calls me, I highly doubt it.



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