DAY THREE: Spoonerism

“Some nights I just never go to sleep at all, and I stand shaking in my doorway like a sentinel, all alone. Bracing like the bow upon a ship, and fully abandoning any thought of anywhere… but home… my home…”

In California – Joanna Newsom

A quick one. A very quick one. Screen Rebels tracks finished (for now). They’re with LF for his approval… quite pleased with the mixes. Although they sound a bit like songs I’d have written 4 years ago. Still, needs must, and I think there is some decent stuff in there.

Think I need a musical mentor. Or someone I’m compatible with to collaborate on work together. Project with AI and LR will kick off soon hopefully. That will be an arena for creativity.

Off to London. Pizza. The Wire. Life isn’t so bad. Oh, new Joanna Newsom album next week. Yeah life’s not bad yeah.

Spoonerism:a verbal error in which a speaker accidentally transposes the initial sounds or letters of two or more words, often to humorous effect, as in the sentence you have hissed the mystery lectures.


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