Entry 3- Dream……

Dream is something that all of us cannot avoid. It is our vision. I believe having a great dream is a starting point in having a bright future. This 26th October 2015 , I will sit for the first and big examination, PSPM 1 . It is very crucial for me to achieve an excellent result in order to have a bright future.

My dream is to be a great electrical engineer. I know it is not going to be a smooth sailing journey. But I believe I can achieve it. There is saying goes “failure is the greatest teacher”. So, in order to pursuit my dream, I will have to face failure. But I will not give up easily.

Although this work is risky and some women will not join it, but to me, engineering is something that interesting and unique work to study about. I will struggle to achieve my dream.


Edited by Syahirah Masdan and Darshyna.

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