Entry 2

Entry 2 – 10/16/15

20:09 – Home, in the living room

Hi again. I going to the restaurant with my mom. Ramen, I think. She’s the best. I tell her everything, well most things, gossip mostly. Like when we realized that Alex was gay. She took it weirdly. Let’s say my parents are…still a little traditional.

So, how did we know Alex was gay? Well, for starters, she’s not really gay, more like bi. Yep, she’s something. Um…we found out when she had this crush on this girl. Well, still has it really. It’s funny though, to help her, talk to her, even for hours sometimes when she feels really desperate. Not that I could give good advice on dating…no, not really my thing. Um…got to go. Bye.


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