ENTRY 3 – Hard work to achieve success

   I started play at the early age of 14 years old in badminton sport . I want to achieve in the first place on that age but I never even got into next round. After that, I realized,  I must work hard if I want to win.


     Each year, I represent as a badminton player for my school and failed each round. I never give up at all because of my passion. In addition, I always have my parent and my friends to support me every time when I participate in any competitions.  


     Finally, I got in the third place on my final year and I never regret even though I did not get in first place. It was a happy moment that I always keep in my memory forever. I hope I can improve my skills at playing badminton and participate in any competitions in future.


     Wish me luck !


Posted by Nur Afiqah.

Credit to Nur Adiba Fasihah.

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