Entry 1 – I’m afraid


Yahhh.. since it is my first entry, let me tell you what i am thinking about. It was just an ordinary thought of me. Im so afraid. Too many things to be afraid of. As for me, I am afraid of the age that i’ve lived now. Malays quote once said that tigers die leaving its stripes while humans die leaving his names. Yes, i afraid that when im leaving this world, theres no good deeds for me to carry on. Im sorry if my writing sounds a bit religous but in fact, religion or islam itself is the way of life. Theres no sort of strange-feeling after all. Let me get back to my point, Im afraid to live in this era. Too many types of people i’ve met. Sometimes the most quite one is the craziest while the most laughter one is the wisest, the most brutal one is the best repenter while the most religious one is the sinner. Thats why we should not judge a book by it’s cover. What i want to tell is about, im so afraid and scared when it comes to a people that was good in front of others, but hes not who he are. It shocks me when theres come an unexpected situation that revealed his true colours. Furthermore, living at this so-called “akhir zaman” age makes me wonder, how would we survive?. Can we? Thats why, im afraid.

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  1. IForget about two faced people , and focus on your own self . let them be who ever they wabt to be or want to pretend to be. And just focus on you.
    Try to not be like them , try to be forward and honest … And about good deeds , I’m sure you’ve done little good things here and there , sonetimes just a smile is a good deed , or a nice word or a helping hand … Dont focus on doing good deeds and dont focus on being a good person either , just try to not be a bad one . and enjoy your life , fears are just holding you back from enjoying your life. Allah knows whats in your heart and thats all that matters .
    Have a good day stranger

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