entry 1- life

I had met a lot of people with different kind of behaviors. Some are good and some are also quite annoying but actually these kind of people make me learn how to control my own anger. We know that we are all not perfect,as we are human not God. For me ,anyone that comes into my life,there must be a reason. It is not good to judge a person before we know them well. Everyone has their own problems. So ,we cannot assume people will understand our problems as they also have a lot of things to do instead of thinking something that not so important to them. I am not saying that we cannot share our problems to the others, but do not make it as a burden to them. I like to hear people’s problems and know how they solve it,as i can learn from the things that happened. In conclusion, no matter what happened in our life ,good or bad,as long as we can control it,just accept it and try to make our days become better.

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