So today…

Today was a good day dont get nr wrong but idk it was weird and different and a little obnoxious… I’m having the feels for Ryan again, god help me.. Just hope he respects me enough to not lie to me.. I work tomorrow and I’m going to Jaime’s house after .. My boss (it was her idea too!) seriously let me change my schedule so I dnt have to wait til 9 to head over lol just a simple eat junk get fat night.. With Roger lol jaimie wants her baby fix – so I dnt mind eating crap.. Then hopefully tiff from my cost cutters days invited Jaimie and me to get house for an Athena party lmao every heard of it.. Look it up its seriously an adult toy party!!! I’m dying 😂 drinking with a bunch of woman at an adult toy party omg I want to go! Plus she wants to hit up some bars after… Kinda scared to like what if a guy hits me up wtf do I do lol! I’m acting like a child now.. Maybe someone will dance with me or not idk!? But w.e I’m not really into writing today I super tired like o said weird day.. Oh and my friend the security guard told me today that earlier this week there was a man in the shoe store who they thought had fallen asleep on one of the benches.. Apparently he wasn’t asleep he suffered a heart attacked and had been laying dead there for hours 😞😲 grossed out and saddened all at the same time like omg! 😞 praying always, especially for that mans family!

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