To-day is a better day

Day two of the brave new world!

Beloved husband is not too bad to-day. His breathing is better; he seems brighter. I am working still on the practical help that I googled. I need to keep refering to this again and again.  The thing is with heart failure that it demands a new way of being…

I’ve been reading Bhagavad Gita – inspired by the film “Eat Pray Love” which was on television at the weekend.  I am hoping to learn a little bit from how to be, from that too. Anything that can help….

I’m missing making jam. I made jam a bit ago. Strawberry; mixed fruit, and some Marrow and ginger. Yes I know the last one sounds weird, but it has a sweetness with that zany zing of the ginger.  Going to try it in the colder weather on wholemeal toast…

Making jam is kindof like bottling the summer.


One thought on “To-day is a better day”

  1. I can feel some positive vibes just by reading this . and make some jam if thats what makes you happy do it more often 🙂 have a wonderful day stranger xo

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