Day 3 / The Day I Felt Free

Today I felt free. And freedom isn’t something I feel very often because I’m a very closed person, I don’t like letting go of things and at the moment I feel like everything on my mind is so important that I couldn’t possibly let any of it go.

We planned this during the week but I couldn’t have imagined it going any better than it did, we decided to take a mini-road trip out to the coast and go to all these places we’d never been before. Six of us went (Carrie, Finn, Chase, Anna, Aiden) and I spent the majority of it with my head and arms out the car window just feeling relieved, as if the wind was taking my problems with it.

We went to a few different beaches and took some pictures but the last place we went to was my favourite. It was a massive waterfall and you basically walk on this track for 500 metres and there’s a look out which puts you at level with the waterfall. But instead I followed this 50 metre mud track down the bank to be at the bottom and of course I was covered head to toe in mud, but, it was the most awe-inspiring moment of my year. I felt so small compared to this waterfall, it was as if the water had humbled me, made me realize that I am both as strong and as fluid as water.

It just spoke to me in some kind of real life metaphor and I felt so full of awe.

Some days I think you just need to be disconnected and free, don’t text anyone or call anyone, don’t snapchat the day away, gather your friend’s that you know love you for your constant but random anecdotes, outrageously inappropriate ‘meth head mum’ jokes and political debates. Friends that won’t judge you for the mud on your knees, or hands, or face, or hair. Friends that will let you be you.

Find a connection. There’s no need to fight for it because it should be easy. My friend’s keep me alive and free. Today I felt love and I felt light. Things I haven’t felt in a long time.

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