Entry 3

Entry 3 – 10/17/15

00:50 – In my room

Tonight was great. Ramen it was. I love this place, always full of hipsters and interesting people. My brother says I’m turning into a hipster. Maybe I am, so what ? A new hat and shoes won’t change me. I means it’s not like I have a personality. I’m pretty sure I don’t. But my bro thinks it’s funny. He doesn’t know what I’m going through.

A little though before going to bed : “have courage and be kind”. I know, this is Cinderella but I just love her. She’s always been my favorite princess. I have all the movies, the cartoon, the books. I don’t know why I love her so much. Maybe we have so much in common. Like people don’t treat her as she is, but as they think she is. They make up they’re own idea about her and that’s not fair. This moto is what I live on. I mean the courage is long gone, I have no strength, no confidence. But kindness is all I ever thought of. I would do anything to not upset someone, even if this someone is a hater. This is probably my biggest flaw. I just can’t say no to people. But I’m still working on that.

Speaking of, I am currently organizing a halloween school dance and I am freaking out ! What if no one comes ? Worse of all? it’s for charity and we need the money, like badly to help a school in Sierra Leone. Ahhhhh…this is suppose to be vacation not torture…Oh God… 3 more years to college.

And even then, I live in a small town. A very very small town…and I’ve been with the same people for 11 years now at school. Yep, I even have pictures of me and a boy in my class (to whom I never speak) taking a bath as babies. How embarrassing is that ? Anyways, we’re probably all going to end up going to the same university together and hang out when we’re old and married and bring our children to the parc together. Then we’ll die together. BECAUSE WE’RE STUCK TOGETHER.

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