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True football weather has arrived. It snowed during Friday nights game against the Ogemaw Falcons. I wore long johns, lined pants, turtleneck, sweatshirt, winter coat, gloves, and boots plus sat on a blanket with another blanket on my lap, and it was still cold. Mom Rachel furnished hand warmers which was a great help. They get really hot and keep your hands toasty inside your gloves. But honestly, it doesn’t encourage me to stick around northern Michigan. I know there will come the day when I will have to choose Arizona or Michigan because I will be too old to travel. Now that I winter in Arizona, it is difficult to tolerate even a little bit of cold, and Friday night was bone chilling cold. But I would have walked barefoot over an iceberg to attend Friday night’s game! Game number 8 of 9 and this was the Trojan’s Home Coming game against the Ogemaw Falcons.

Prior to the game, we had a tailgate party with lots and lots of wonderful food including taco soup which Rachel made. It tasted great and helped to warm our tummies. Randy’s brother, Dallas, plays for Ogemaw so a lot of Randy’s family came to attend the game and sat on the Trojan side of the stadium. The press box on the home side overhangs a portion of the seats which offers some protection against rain or snow. Consequently, those seats are highly coveted. We always send Zander in early to put down blankets to reserve those seats, and fortunately, everyone has honored our squatter’s rights. I mention Randy’s family and their choice of seats because most of his family sat directly behind me. This pretty much meant I was reserved and darn near silent during the game. Very difficult to yell for the Trojans when Dallas was on the opposing team and his parents, sister, and grandparents sat behind me. Even I have some sensitivity. Ogemaw came to Traverse City having lost all of their games this season and the Trojans came to this game with no losses. To say the two teams were unevenly matched is an understatement, and Granny did not want to rub it in.

Needless to say, it did not take the Trojans long to rack up their first touchdown plus the extra point to put 7 points up on the board. The second touchdown came the next time the ball reverted to the Trojans. Score 14 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, Devante Walker ran an 85 yard touchdown for the Trojans third touchdown. Kick was good and the Trojans now have 21 on the board to Ogemaw 0. On Ogemaw’s first down, the ball was fumbled and recovered by the Trojans. It wasn’t long and the Trojans scored their 4th touchdown, but the kick was no good. But the next time they got their hands on the ball, the Trojans scored their 5th touchdown, and the score is now 34 to 0. Before the second quarter ended the Trojans again made a touchdown. The score at half time – Trojans 41 to Ogemaw 0.

During half time the band played, and a new King and Queen were crowned. Kids don’t dress up today so Home Coming doesn’t feel the same. However, it was so cold that everyone was bundled up so what would have been the point? Third quarter started and the announcer announced that when one team is ahead by 35 points the clock will run continuously with a couple of exceptions such as hurt player or a time out. Trojan couch is now doing the honorable thing and playing his second and third string players. I was pleased he was not attempting to humiliate the Ogemaw team. The players were more evenly matched, and this allowed Ogemaw to score their first touchdown plus the extra point putting 7 points on the scoreboard for them. But it also meant with less than a 35 point spread the game reverted back to normal time clock rules. The Trojans managed to block any further Ogemaw touchdowns but were not able to score anymore touchdowns themselves so the game ended with the Trojans 41 to Ogemaw 7. Another victory continuing the Trojan winning streak.

This weekend my grandson, Elijah, came over from Wisconsin to explore becoming an apprentice in the electrical field. On Friday morning, we met with a representative from the local electrical workers union who provided very helpful information, and Elijah was able to fill out an application. This is his first visit to Grandma’s house without his brothers and/or Mom so it has been fun to have some one on one time with him. He attended Jacob’s game and has been hanging out with Jacob and Dallas since. The boys are coming to Grandma’s house for dinner, and I am fixing them spaghetti which is Elijah’s favorite. The boys are headed to a dance tonight and tomorrow morning I have to drive Elijah back to Muskegon to take the ferry home. Grandma is hoping Elijah will return soon. Randy has started his construction business, and he could use Elijah’s help. It would also give Elijah some construction experience that will hopefully lead to a foot in the door for a career in the electrical field.

Because Rachel had a full house of company, I was able to bring Zander home with me. I pretty much had to put him to bed as soon as we got home because he had his football game Saturday morning and needed his rest. But we had a little time to visit after I tucked him in, and I always enjoy our chats. This is when I am torn to follow the sun. I really miss hanging with that guy when I’m in Arizona.

I had to wake Zander this morning, and Grandpa ran him home so he could get ready for his game. His game started at 10:30 AM, and I made it just as his game started. I thought last night was cold but I have to tell you this morning was worse. The wind cut through you, and there was no getting warm. Same layers as last night, but it did not make a lick of difference. Finally took Randy up on his offer to sit in the van and watch out the window during the last quarter!

Zander’s Packers played the Lions and they did a great job. The Packers were definitely the better team. The first quarter was scoreless but the Packer’s scored their first touchdown shortly into the second quarter. The kick was good, and at the Pop Warner level a kick is worth 2 points so the Packers put 8 points on the scoreboard. With less then a minute in the second quarter, the Packers scored another touchdown and the 2 point kick. Half time score is Packers 16 to Lions 0. In the third quarter, the Lions were able to score a touchdown, but the kick was not successful putting 6 points on the scoreboard for them. Fourth quarter was scoreless but saw some great plays. The Packers managed to sack the quarter back and also recover a dropped ball but couldn’t pull off another touchdown. Game ended with Packers winning 16 to 6.

Next week is the last game of the season for the Trojans and the Packers; however, the Trojans are in the playoffs so they will continue to play. It’s gonna be tough to miss playoffs, but you can bet I will be tuned in to listen! Until next weekend bragging Granny signing off.

First pic – Elijah & Jacob after the Game
Second pic – Jacob with Randy’s sister, Alicia

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