Entry 3: Ice Cream

Sunday 18th October 2015

Entry 3: Ice cream

I love ice cream. I think most of you will have the same thoughts as me. Who doesn’t love ice cream? For me, ice cream is my favourite. Why do I love ice cream so much? Many friends ask me this question and I am going to explain my reason now….

I like the sweet taste of it. It can help me to forget all my problems temporarily and I feel delighted right after. I make it as a solution to reduce my stress.

My favourite flavour is vanilla because I like its taste and colour. It is pure white. I hope that my life can be a vanilla life. It is very pure, no arguments and everyone lives happily together. How good it is if my dream comes true……

Well, may be people will think that too much ice cream is not good for our health but it doesn’t matter since I love it.

Edited by Nawwar,  Aina and Amy.



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