(entry 3)-LOVE

Sikin,Lia and Ratna. They are my roommates.They are very funny,caring and supporting. We always laughing even because of a small thing.

Sikin is a funny girl. She loves to make  jokes. Then she will laugh on her own. She always give me advices to encourage me to keep on studying. She also a forgetful girl. She always misplaced her spectacle.

Lia,she is a cheerful girl. She always accompany me to cafe to eat. She loves to eat a lot of food in one time, but she still slim. Weird! We always spend our time together. Eating ice-creams is the best moment.

Ratna,she is a hardworking girl.She always sleeps earlier compared to us. But she will wake up early in the morning,about 4 a.m. to study.
These are my roommates. They are perfect to me. I am so glad that I have a chance to have them as roommates.

Read by:
Harisa Binti Shahridzo
Atikah Khadijah Binti Rosman

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