The Best Birthday Ever !! 🎂

On 22 September every year is my birthday. Last year on the same date my mother and my friends planned a surprise birthday party. I was remember the on that day when i came to school no one wish my birthday even through sms.. I was thought ‘oh! Maybe they will wish my birthday at school’ but, they didn’t.. haha.. I was like its okay.. but something weird happen and I realized it after the party ended.. They keep asking what is my activities after school and what is the ticket price of the Ktm .. My mother also act weird. After 3 pm and suddenly someone weirdly knocked my door and without thinking further i just opened the door and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” I was surprised and thanks to them. They said that was my mom planned and they involved to make it merrier! I will never forget that moment ever! 😚😌

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