The Kiss!!! 👄

Soo.. This is too juicy not to share.. I’m making myself a snack cuz I haven’t eaten at all and Chris came by briefly and brought me clam chowdahh from north works.. It was sweet and thoughtful of him yes but that’s not what through me for a loop.. It was a weird moment when I went to go hug him goodbye and thanked him as we were letting go of our hug he kinda turned to look at me and gave me some like fuck it type look and like straight out of a movie put his hand in my hair kinda of grabbed me to kiss him real quick… Lol idk kinda heat of the moment ain’t it? But I kind of liked it – that spontaneous catch me off guard kiss, I really liked it lol and it honestly wasn’t full out making out but it was simple enough that when he let go I literally said wish (like woah what just happened) and he gave out a little chuckle and said I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile 😲 like what do I say to that, he just smiled and said good bye and got in his car and left.. Idk is this a sign or something?! Should I? Its more likely that ryan probably has some poor girl hes lying too so why wait? Maybe I should I just dnt know, but now I’m thinking about it, like seriously what just happened? What does this mean oh goodness!

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