Whats the line between good and self righteous?

In my heart, I have always known I was a good person. I knew my intentions were for a right purpose and my goals for the good of myself and others. I always felt things so deeply. So intensely. I had more empathy than I did sympathy. I am optomistic. The need to do right, be right, was like a vine wrapped around my brain. I have high values. But like every beauty, I guess, there comes a fault. People often thought I thought I was “too good” for them. People thought I was stuck up. I was loved, I was hated, and I was often not approached. In return I stuck to myself, mostly. Because I didn’t follow, and I didn’t lead. I was took advantage of, treated poorly, I was assumed to be naive to lies. No I wasn’t perfect, I’ve made a few not so good choices, but my intentions were always true and good to what I believed in whether or not if they ended up being wrong. But being a good person doing right, you are expected to do so much. People look to you, up to you, at you or down on you. My brother loves me and he tells me how much everyday , he says he has the best sister he could ask for, yet he cant seem to shake the idea to compare himself to me. I don’t want him to. I can’t stand it. It hurts me to hear when he downs himself when he does. I keep telling him over and over he’s great the way he is. He won’t listen. And tells me that is exactly why I’m such a wonderful person and he’s not. But why does that make me feel so sad? Being a good person in this world of ours makes me feel self righteous, vain, arrogant. Like I’m doing it all wrong. Like I should stop. But my heart tells me no. It’s a vicious cycle. I can’t escape yet I know I shouldn’t. Am I the only one?

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