Writing Prompt- A Death Row Inmates Last Words

I’m not afraid, I know I’m supposed to be, but I just can’t help being excited, finally a chance to see the great beyond. Who wouldn’t be excited, I had an entire list of things I wanted to get done. My guards were silent and stoic as they escorted me from my cell to cement room with a large plexiglass window, one I recognized from movies. Once in the room I hummed a little tune as I walked ahead of the guards and climbed into the gurney, impatiently waiting for someone to strap me in, as I know they would.

“These will be tight,” a male wearing a white lab coat patted my arm and placed straps across my arms, elbows, chest, legs, and then my ankles. “Right, Right, Get to it,” I said as I waved my hand.

“Small poke for the IV,” said another man in a lab coat on the right side of me.

“Of course,” I chirped back to him, pumping my arm a little bit so a good vein popped out.

“Button up your shirt, fix your boots,” snapped the warden as he entered the room. “I will not be all over the damn news with you men looking unprofessional!”

“My dear,” said an older chaplain of an undetermined religion, bent over me and spoke softly “would you like to pray with me or confess your sins. Jesus forgives all sins and wrongdoings, if you believe.” He must have been to his fair share of bed-side death watches, he looked fatigued and tired but truly wanting to help and maybe he had a hint of pity in his eyes. I thought the least I could do was put his mind at ease.

“You know the people in here have done a wonderful job, truly they are top notch professionals, don’t you think? They have this killing people down to a science, I feel really good about my situation! I’ve never done this before ya know,” I motioned to my body strapped strategically on the gurney, smiling widely up at him as I continued, “the Lord and I couldn’t be any closer and I have never done a thing in my life to offend Him. I think you know that,” I winked at the clergyman.

He licked his lips, looking a bit unnerved, “Well…I’m glad you are not under more duress then.. what.. is.. required.. in.. this…situation,” his voice trailed off at the sight of me smiling and nodding to him. He turned and nodded to the warden, and then quickly walked off. The warden said nothing and signaled to the guards and medical staff. The curtains covering the plexiglass window opened. The bed rose and tilted me forward so I could see my audience.

There were quite a few more people than what I expected and my eyes took in the crowd. My, my! Aren’t I the popular one – standing room only! Grinning in approval, I attempted to nod my head towards many of the faces I recognized as my followers. I saw some cry and others call out.They were going to miss me, but I was content knowing they would carry on easily without me.

The speaker crackled, “Prisoner Katherine T. Jenkins has stated that she would like to address the room with final words,” the warden’s voice filled both the plexiglass room and the viewing room. I could see my followers lean forward to hear my last peals of wisdom, and it warmed my heart. I do so love them dearly!

“You may speak,” the warden allowed as he pinned a small microphone to my shirt.

“Thank you all for coming,” I feigned solemnly. It took everything I had not to smile, look at all these people here to see me off! I was beyond thrilled! Some of the audience in the room giggled, others smiled, and still others openly wailed at the sound of my voice.

I didn’t say anything for a long moment, trying to think of what would be best. There was nothing to be sorry for, so an apology was off the table. I didn’t have enough time for a sermon like my followers would want, and then I decided honesty was definitely the best policy.

“I have truly enjoyed my time here. And since this is just the beginning for me, I know I will see all of you again….very soon.” I smiled with sincerity and honesty in my voice.

The roomed hushed for a split second before pandemonium broke out in the viewing room. All at once my followers rushed to the plexiglass window, others started bashing their heads against the wall, while still others had found sharp objects and were stabbing themselves.

I laughed in delight! This is how someone should die! Together with the people they loved and as the main event at a party!

“I’m ready warden! Stick it to me!” I called over my shoulder as my eyes flashed in merriment, excited for what would come after I left this decaying body of mine.

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