beyond upset!

I’m so aggravated with myself! Like c’mon Michelle you obviously know hes a freaking liar, you obviously know that he never cared about you, you know he doesn’t love the kids, he doesn’t log you, I could go on for hours because if he did love care respect w.e if he did actually does love us all then he wouldn’t lie still he wouldn’t pretend to get help w.e the case he will never love anyone but himself and in the end he has just lost his whole family, he legit lost his grandma, his siblings, his aunt, his cousins, his OWN fucking kids and his ex gf/fiance/wife w.e u want to call me he fucking lost it all! And now its no more! I believed in him, I trusted him, I put faith effort love care everything a relationship needed and wanted I did above and beyond and how does he repay me.. But being this same ass hole who lied and cheated and hurt and yelled and disrespected.. And abuser will never change!! And just so HE (aka Ryan) knows I won’t be with Chris you wanna know why! Because for the last fucking time I will ever say it! I LOVED YOU AND I GAVE YOU FUCKING EVERYTHING AND YOU COULDNT EVEN LOVE ME BACK THE RIGHT WAY, YOU FUCKING RUINED EVERYTHING AND YOU LOST THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT SHOULD’VE MATTERED MOST TO YOU so good luck finding a gf to replace the spot for me and ur amazing kids!!! You will never be happy and never ever see them because you don’t even care enough about getting the damn help to see ur kids!! So 👌 bye Felicia!!!!! I’m going to be writing in a new blog so this asshole will never find out a damn thing about me again!!

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