Create The Life You Want

Been busy couple of days. This weekend was about hanging out and spending time with Binks. Yesterday we went to the fair with our friends ate lots of food, went on rides and played a ton of games. It was just the thing I needed to take my mind off my stressful week. Though I love my career sometimes sales can can be cruel. One day your high the next day your low and if you show your desperation it can be a negative. I feel like I’m doing all the right things but the stress of being on my own and all the financially stuff falling on me is killing my sales mojo. The beautiful thing about the weekend is it allows you to recharge and focus on all of the reasons why you want to be successful. Seeing Binks and my friends son giggling at the fair just made my day.

Today was a little different story my Binks has some type of tummy bug, thinking it was the mixture of all the fair food. Even though he didn’t feel great it still a great day day to get things done around the house, cuddles on the couch and watch the rain from our patio. He is the utter most important person in my life and even with a crappy week he always brings me to my happy place and reminds me of all the reasons why to enjoy today and not to focus on yesterday. So tomorrow brings Monday, a new week and a new outlook on what’s to come.  It’s time to focus on the life I want to create for Binks & I.

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