Get Over IT!!

Why don’t you finally get over it?
I think it’s time that you do, because you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself since a long time and it didn’t get you anywhere.
All that you ever achieved was pity, regret, waste of time and a lot of tears.
Wait, not even pity, more like a judgmental looks from people.

What if you’re not good looking? I know it’s an essential part of survival in this world.
And if you got both, then jackpot! You’re set for life.
I’m not saying people who are good looking can get anything they want but most of them do, with a little hard work of course.
But who are pretty or beautiful, get most of things they wish for.
It’s not the same with people who are okay or ugly. They have different battles to be fought.
Look at you, feeling sorry for yourself again? :@

Ahhh what more can I tell you.
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, why not achieve something of a greater value or how about think what your passion is.
You’re just wasting your time and energy.
This will not make you a great person or a person of interest to anyone.

You might even lose people who you have now because of your thinking.


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