Good things end

This weekend was great as I thought it would be, however tomorrow is Sunday and Bobby is leaving. I hate the way I feel. I knew I would be sad but this is sick. Thanksgiving feels so far away. I will be working and going to school, plus I am planning on joining a gym and forcing Max my 12 yr old to put down the controller and spend some time with mommy. I can hear it now. I will have to plan fun stuff so it won’t be so bad for him.  I can remember when I was the most important thing in his life. Not anymore, I don’t even come second, unless he needs money for xbox live. Then I am important again. He is a wonderful child. Very well mannered and polite. He also does very well in school, I just miss my little baby.

I honestly love my job, I feel guilty. Every morning I wake up and I am just giddy about going to work. I am blessed to enjoy going to work but I work with really great people and that makes all the difference in the world. Everyone is always so happy and nice. I hope it’s not because I am new and after my 90 days are up all goes to hell. Only time will tell, till then I love my job.

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