I’m so over It!!!

So I try to trust people but apparently people take advantage of it! People suck! If you love someone you don’t lie, you don’t talk to other woman, etc. You want to screw others and act like ur an amazing father – Realize this a perfect dad doesn’t leave their kids behind for another woman! A perfect dad doesn’t put his own needs first before his kids a perfect dad doesn’t leave his kids behind for anything a perfect dad doesn’t violently get angry in front of his kids – you want to pretend ur doing better then count me out! And good luck on seeing your kids because without admitting your faults and problems and getting help you ain’t going to see them ever and its heartbreaking for me and them! So good luck Ryan I’m done with this fucking game, I deserve better than to be played again so ill move on – u said u dnt want to lose ur family… But guess what YOU just did, you lost for good this time ✌ jerk!

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