It wasn’t the full moon, baby. It was just us.

It’s funny how I’ve got to be the more rational, rather skeptical one. I mean, I’m the one who loves horror stories and supernatural stuff. How come you get to be more superstitious than I am?

This is the world where anything can happen. We don’t need to wait for the full moon for that; don’t be silly. Whatever happens to humans with their own free will? Haven’t we all our own choices to make? Why won’t we be responsible for any of them? Why blame it all on the full moon?

You’ve tried to reason with me so many times. You said you had legit proofs. Like, our biggest and most intense fights always happen under the full moon. You once witnessed two of your colleagues at work have a heated argument over silly, mundane jokes that left one of them in tears. That night, you’d also been exhausted – only because you’d overworked yourself, as usual. You’d called me that night, wailing:

“I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never seen Pam and Abe like that. They’re so freaky.”

I had to calm you down. The next day, everything went back to normal. Pam and Abe were in good terms again, but it wasn’t as if they’d remembered what had happened the night before.

“Perhaps it was the full moon.”

Oh, no. Not that again, baby. Want to know why?

Sometimes I just can’t stand you. You drive me crazy. More than once I’ve wanted to leave you. I’ve seen others behind your back too.

If only I had the guts, I’d kill you now and be free.

Then what stops me every time?

I don’t know why. You always look so frail, so handsome too…especially under the full moon. My heart always melts when you look at me that way and tell me you love me.

Still, it’s not the full moon, baby. It’s just us.


(Jakarta, 15/10/2015 – from The Couchsurfing Writers’ Club Gathering @Petamburan, 8:00 pm onwards. The writing challenge topic: “(Full) Moon”.)

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