the way (poem) (mom)

The way

The way we act like were fine

The way i see u smile even when ur hurt

The way i look at u when ive hurt u

The way u smile back as if i did nothing

As if it never even happened

As if, As if u forgave me that quick

The way we seek out love as humans

The way we think we will die without it

The way i smile back at u and embrace

The way i glare at u and wanna kill u

The way u talk to me

The way ur always there for me

The way u always forgive me even before i do anything

The way i continue to hurt u

The way i continue to hurt others

The way i dont know how to live

The way i watch others come and go in my life

The way i laugh at pain

Because physical pain is nothing compared to emotional

The way, The way i say “The way” as if i do something special that seperates me from other human beings when it actually doesnt

The way im doing the same thing as everyone else

Just trying to get bye as life passes very slowly

It only moves quick when u dont want it to

The way im up at 5:48 am

Talking about u and life and how u love me unconditionally


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