Weekend Away

I have been over at my parents house since Saturday watching my niece and nephew and pet sitting. Both my mother and father had to go to West Virginia. I’ve been away from my bf, he came over for a little while to have dinner after work. (So he stayed bout half an hour)


I have been having anxiety lately, because I have so much to do and to take care of. It’s been, I believe 2-3 months since I have been out of work. Far to long. So I’m going to have to get back out there. Just had some health problems that’s been resolved, was very hard-headed on going to the Doctors for a whole year (mainly because I just didn’t have the health insurance for it) Had problems working trough the day at my old job, transportation issues because I don’t drive and it was a long way from where I lived. Really don’t want to get into it.


Although, I have a lot of pressure on me right now, on just trying to find a job. Also getting over my anxiety. Anyways its getting kind of late. Almost 11:00 pm, have to have my niece and nephew in bed for school tomorrow. We kind of stayed up to 4am yesterday playing games. I wont be going to bed, end up playing an online game, or watching netflix. Just finished and episode of The Walking Dead. Don’t know if its just me or if this season really isn’t that good? Also been watching Harry Potter’s again. Movies never get old.


I will be back at the apartments where I live tomorrow night, spend some time with my love since he is off Monday and Tuesday. I’m pretty sure he is going to invite his friends over. 

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