And so it goes…. kinda

Words were said promises were made, Its time to  Speak louder then my Words and to keep my promises that were made. Yesterday after work, instead of drinking, I updated my resume. Searched the Web for Job listings Posted my resumes on A few websites, and Applied to at least 2 jobs, I would have applied for more but some take you through a 30 min., questionnaire, and I don’t have that much time or interest for a pre-interview Interview. No Thank You! I’ll keep looking elsewhere. Aside from that i have been practicing AS;L. I want to become familiar with the Alphabets  because of Finger-spelling  Which is difficult to catch onto , since signing and spelling are just as fast as words being said. So  along with learning how to sign words and  phrases I will not draw out to much attention away from the Alphabets Practice makes perfect. I’m on my way, Legna will be so proud ! Proud of me as i am of Him

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